Women and Super: Get Savvy!

superannuation for women

Did you know on average, Australian women have just over half the super of men?

This is because as women, we are more likely to:

• Receive lower rates of pay

• Take career breaks to start a family, and

• Work part-time to care for family.

These kinds of issues have a significant impact on the final super balance of women, and can place you under unnecessary stress in retirement. But there is some good news. By getting the right advice and putting a plan in place, you can improve your financial future.

Read the full report with tips to get you on a super super track from our partner, HESTA, here.

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“Each time a woman changes, she inspires another woman to change...”


Each time a woman completes the 10TG 6 Step Money Makeover, $10 is contributed to providing a microplan to a woman living in extreme poverty to start a business.


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