We have changed the lives of 10,000 women: THANK YOU


THANK YOU to those of you who stepped up in your lives to create positive change. A special THANK YOU to those of you who shared your stories with us. On the nights I’d be up to 3am working, at times feeling resentful at the huge amount of volunteer hours I’d invest (rather than playing with my toddler or sleeping..), I’d read a story about an action someone took or a change someone made and immediately feel refuelled. So THANK YOU to the wonderful women who have embraced the opportunity to attend a 10thousandgirl program.

THANK YOU to our key partners over the 2015-2016 Regional Women’s Financial Literacy Project, including Financial Literacy Australia, Rabobank, HESTA, FPA, Insurance Council of Australia, ATO and Credit Savvy, thanks to local support groups, councils and advisors in every town we’ve run a workshop, and thanks to our powerful social partners – the local, regional, state and national women’s and community groups who share our passion for women’s economic empowerment and who promote our programs far and wide so as many women as possible can attend and benefit from the workshops and online events.

THANK YOU to the team at RMIT who have collated a two year women’s financial wellbeing study using our program findings. I hope we can use these findings to improve our offering into the future and continue to advocate for women’s economic advancement.

THANK YOU to our 10thousandgirl team, volunteers, board and advisors, past and present. You have contributed to some incredible program outcomes. Highlights from the RMIT Program Evaluation Report include:

  • Because of the program, 91% of participants felt more motivated to achieve their financial goals, 83% of participants felt better able to plan ahead, 75% of participants felt more in control of their money and 52% of participants felt less stressed about their future. Following the program, 61% of participants reduced their spending in order to save more, 57% had taken action towards achieving a dream and 56% had got back on track to achieving their financial goals.
  • Working toward closing the retirement savings gender gap, following the program 43% of participants consolidated their superannuation funds; 24% increased their superannuation contributions; 27% changed their superannuation investment portfolio; and 19% of participants increased their investment (other than superannuation) portfolio. 74% of participants reported that they revised their existing insurance policies; 35% altered their existing policies; and 15% purchased new insurance policies.

With the organisations goal of financially empowering 10,000 women and families across Australia now reached, stay tuned for the next phase… exciting new programs and plans being announced very soon.


“Each time a woman changes, she inspires another woman to change...”


Each time a woman completes the 10TG 6 Step Money Makeover, $10 is contributed to providing a microplan to a woman living in extreme poverty to start a business.


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