EXERCISE: 5 Minute MoneyFlow

When it comes to managing your money, there’s a big difference between the people who look good and the people who don’t. And I’m not talking about in the mirror.

How do you look?

A) Do money conversations cause your stress levels to peak? If you’re someone who doesn’t give your finances a second glance, then you don’t know if your money’s working effectively. You don’t know how much you have, how much you need or what easy financial opportunities may be just around the corner for you.

B) If you look good and keep an eye on your finances, you’ll tend to know where you’re at, where you want to be and be taking planned steps toward your goals. When money conversations come up you enjoy and learn from them.

Whether you’re type A or type B or sitting somewhere in between, here’s a good exercise to do. SPECIAL NOTE: This exercise suits even those with special allergies to spreadsheets and budgets.

Before you start: It’s important to understand and be ok with wherever you’re at and whatever money type you are. After all, many of us didn’t learn about money around the kitchen table or at school, so it’s no wonder financial admin often leads to stress. For now, get a blank piece of paper and a pen and let’s take an easy step forward together.


Observe this person’s system.

What are they doing well? For example they’re contributing to super, reinvesting their share portfolio dividends, paying off their mortgage and they have an auto savings plan, emergency buffer and travel goal fund.

How could they improve? For example they could track their living expenses, check to ensure they have the best interest rates and utility providers and use the money in their everyday account (earning no interest) to pay off their credit card – immediately! They could even store their savings in a mortgage offset account and depending on their personal situation and what insurance they may loose, it may be worth getting advice on whether to save fees by consolidating their super funds.

Now take 5 minutes to sketch out your own MoneyFlow system.

Work out how you can tweak a cog or two to ensure your money system is efficient. Investing an extra $50 a month over time with compound interest can mean the difference between tinned beans and travel adventures when you reach retirement.

This exercise is a good quick exercise for visual people and a good exercise to do if you share money with a partner or family unit. Even if one person tends to take the financial reins, it’s very important from a risk perspective for everyone involved to know how your system works. Who knows – with two sets of eyes you may even come up with a fresh idea or two.

So start a money conversation, with yourself or with your family. It’s easy to keep that elephant under the rug but as soon as you take a peek, that grey beast just seems to disappear. Start today!

This is not financial advice. Participants should consider obtaining independent advice
before making any major financial decisions.

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WEBINAR: Money Mindset

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EXERCISE: A loving kindness meditation

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EXERCISE: Personal Risk Profile Tool

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VIDEO: Melissa’s Property Story

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Money Systems

EXERCISE: 5 Minute MoneyFlow

Do money conversations cause your stress levels to peak? SPECIAL NOTE: This exercise suits even those with special allergies to spreadsheets and budgets.


VIDEO: ASX Interview – Women & Shares

ASX talks to 10thousandgirl founder Zoe Lamont about women and shares.


“Each time a woman changes, she inspires another woman to change...”


Each time a woman completes the 10TG 6 Step Money Makeover, $10 is contributed to providing a microplan to a woman living in extreme poverty to start a business.



Microfinance is the provision of financial services such as loans, savings, insurance and training to people living in poverty. It is one of the great success stories in the developing world in the last 30 years and is widely recognised as a just and sustainable solution in alleviating global poverty.

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