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Today’s guest is Marina Passalaris, founder of teen program Beautiful Minds. Starting  7 years ago in Queensland she has educated over 1,000 girls.  Beautiful Minds is no ordinary grooming course, as Marina Passalaris (Director) and her team of professional trainers, educate young girls on a number of subjects like, public speaking, confidence, first impressions, remembering names, leadership skills, make up artistry, self esteem, hair styling, body issues, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, friendships and relationships, setting up boundaries, music therapy, social etiquette, resume writing, money skills and budgeting, wardrobe styling and fashion, photo shoot, social media etiquette and more….

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20th May 2012 – Sydney
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Featured 10thousandgirl guest: Marina Passalaris

Marina has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry as both a makeup artist,grooming and deportment educator and well known events organiser and host. Having worked in the industry in Australia and overseas, Marina has a wealth of knowledge in the grooming field.

Beautiful Minds is a life changing grooming, etiquette and life skills course for teenage girls. The course increases girl’s confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

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NAME: Sarah Power
ATTENDED: Life Planning Workshop Canberra June 2010

I have always been a daydreamer.  Ever since I was little I would spend hours day dreaming about my future and about who I would be when I grew up.  At the time I attended the Canberra Life Planning Workshop in June 2010 I had just turned 30 and despite amassing 30 years of day dreams I realised that I hadn’t actually achieved any of my dreams or even knew which ones I wanted to achieve.  As for how to start achieving, no clue!!  I kept waiting for things to fall into place, the perfect job at the perfect time, skills magically appearing to start a new hobby (and be the best rock star ever discovered), buying my dream home, starting my perfect lifestyle and obviously winning lotto to make all of this happen.

It has now been just over 12 months since I attended the Life Planning Workshop and guess what, I won lotto!  Nope, telling lies, I didn’t win lotto.  I did however learn to make realistic goals and that there is nothing wrong with a little bit of planning!  The beauty of the workshop, and what 10thousandgirl is about, is how to identify what is important in your life, how to create goals to align with these aspects and then how to make finance work for you to support your goals.  

Creating a life plan was an epiphany for me, along with the realisation that making plans and putting words/dreams into action isn’t all that hard if you view it as part of your journey.  So I decided to stop waiting for things to happen for me and to start making things happen!  

And to prove it’s all not talk, I actually ticked off a lot of little actions and ended up ticking off a pretty big goal.  I created and launched my own range of organic bed linen that is unique and a heartfelt part of me. commenced operation in April this year and have had a tremendous response to the concept.  Oh Mabel may not take over the world in terms of retail or the bed linen industry, however I hope that by starting and achieving this goal, that the result will set me up to continue enjoying a life that I have created as opposed to continuing a life where I felt I was just following the well trodden line.  

I feel that so much is now possible, and that is due to the tools I learnt from 10thousandgirl and their amazing Girls (thanks Zoe!) and from what I have learnt from starting Oh Mabel, is that there’s never any point in saying ‘Nope too hard’.

I am now excited about the prospect of the next 10 years and am determined to keep dreaming so that I can live them out instead of wishing.  Thanks 10thousandgirl!

Thank you Sarah and your wonderful enterprise Oh Mabel looks fabulous – we all want to jump into that bed in the field :)

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