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Welcome to episode six of our podcast series!

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Today’s guest is Sarah Lawless, a 26-year old who started a non-profit – The Blue Stockings Inc – to help empower women through education. She is also juggling building a new home with her husband, studying for her Masters and works as a teacher full-time. She shares with us her passion about education, life long learning and community.

What Sarah discusses includes:

Starting a non-profit that empowers women through education.
How learning is an ongoing process.
Building a home.
Lessons learned while applying for finance.
Balancing a busy life – study, work, relationships, volunteering.
Grabbing opportunities as they come up – you don’t know where they will lead you!

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Featured 10thousandgirl guest: Sarah Lawless

Originally from Kyneton Victoria, Sarah (pictured on right with Caitlin Grigsby) moved to the Gippsland region in 2004 where she has become an active community member being extremely passionate about community development, support and education.

Sarah was the Womyn’s Director at Monash University Gippsland Student Union for two years, where she developed her interest in the empowerment and support of women – particularly women accessing education.

Sarah, together with Caitlin Grigsby, discovered various academic barriers facing students experiencing hardship, particularly with women and mothers with limited access to funds and support systems. Together, they co-founded the initial Blue Stockings Inc with the hope to alleviate some of these pressures for women pursuing study.

Currently, Sarah works as a teacher at Baringa Special School in Moe and finds the role both challenging and incredibly rewarding while continuing her role in Blue Stockings.

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