Jodie’s Story

I have always taken a conservative approach towards money. I was raised this way. Work hard, save money, live within my means, don’t take risks, don’t talk about money. It has some basic merit but wasn’t really working for me.

I became a mother in my early thirties and for 9 years I was at home with my sons. Only recently did I began consulting in my design business again, but having been an ‘unpaid’ SAHM for so long meant my superannuation was looking very lean. This began to really worry me and got me thinking how little I know about superannuation, investing principles and generally talking about money.

I was recommended the 6 week money makeover by a financially super savvy friend. I was nervous about starting the course as I felt like I would be the only person unable to speak the language. As soon as I heard Zoe’s enthusiastic and passionate voice over the webinar I was instantly interested and inspired to continue. We began by goal setting and it was a revelation of sorts. It became apparent that these things I thought were out of my reach or so far in the distant future were actually achievable. I began goal setting in detail. Renovating our home, building more super, improving my business and a dream family holiday. They are all possible. Break it down, planning is key. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

I really enjoyed the practical exercises throughout the 6 weeks. The life audit, bucket list, goal planning, my personal risk profile, understanding how I am wired to plan, mapping my support network, all contributing to an understanding my own money mindset.

Other important administration tasks I’d stalled for years I finally felt motivated to accomplish. Estate planning, health and insurance audit, rolling over my super into one account. My husband and I sat down and created a money-flow system redirecting where some of our income goes to make our money work better for us. I was beginning to feel empowered by our finances!

The 6 week money makeover was a significant exercise for me. I gained valuable insight to my own financial management, knowledge of general financial principals and I have ongoing access to the forum and so many nuggets of wisdom! Zoe is very generous with her knowledge and so encouraging. I felt that no matter how late in age I was beginning my ‘financial education’ it is ok. My anxiety began to fall away because I was taking control. My conservative money mindset found some balance as I am exploring property investing and I am openly talking about money with friends and family. I am once again contributing to my superfund too! I have to say our savings/6 month buffer unfortunately came into play recently and I cannot stress how important this is to have. I still have a way to go but I often look back on my goals for inspiration.

Thank you Zoe and the 10thousand girl team!

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Jodie’s Story

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“Each time a woman changes, she inspires another woman to change...”


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