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Are you ready to apply for a mortgage? A checklist

It’s one thing wanting to buy a house and apply for a home loan but there is a fair bit of preparation needed before you step foot in a bank or a mortgage broker’s office. Here’s our quick checklist for you to increase your chances of approval: Lenders like to see that you’ve been employed […]


Investing in Shares – FREE Online Workshop and Tips

10thousandgirl’s Tina recently interviewed industry expert Greg Hoffman, who hosted our online workshop: Investing In Shares.  Greg is the Chairman of Forager Funds Management, which manages more than $200 million for its clients. T:  What do you tell those who are intimidated by the sharemarket? G  I tell them they’re probably already invested in shares through their […]


Jodie’s Story: Financial Anxiety Zapped!

I have always taken a conservative approach towards money. I was raised this way. Work hard, save money, live within my means, don’t take risks, don’t talk about money. It has some basic merit but wasn’t really working for me. I became a mother in my early thirties and for 9 years I was at […]


How to ask for a pay rise with supreme confidence!

Today, women are still paid less (around 18%) than men for working equal roles (some more info here).  It’s never easy asking for more anything; least of all more money from your employer.  For many people it is a situation that brings about great nerves, discomfort and anxiety which may lead to avoiding the situation […]


How to get your partner excited by your financial plan

“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” — Swedish Proverb Yes, and that includes the joy of a personal financial plan!  Hmmm, joy and financial plan in the same sentence?  Oh yes, it can happen! So you’re in a relationship and your finances are maybe a bit week-to-week, or they’re relatively […]

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The Ripple Effect: Alaseini – fish, billiards and good business

For each woman who joins the 6 Week Money Makeover Program and learns to manage and invest their income wisely, $10 of their program fees are contributed to microloans for women in a neighbouring country who don’t have access to traditional lending institutes. The loan is provided along with business training until she can set […]


Tax Returns: Don’t miss out on work related expenses

Typically, more than eight million Australians claim over $20 billion in work-related expenses on their tax return. That’s a lot of receipts to keep track of throughout the financial year. At the same time, the ATO estimates that the average worker could be missing out on claiming some work-related expenses that they’re entitled to, due […]

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Eggs, coffee and superannuation: an ethical dilemma

As much as I shouldn’t admit it, I too am one of those that struggles to getting round to reading mail from my super fund. In fact, many of us probably spend more time considering the origins of our coffee (Fairtrade anyone?) or the happiness of the chickens that laid our eggs (free range please!) […]


Credit scores: the importance of having and building your OWN credit rating

We’ve all been told it’s important to have a good credit rating. It’s true, it can set you up for a good financial future. So what determines your credit rating? Your credit rating reflects your financial history – if you pay your bills, if you’re current on loans and how often you’ve applied for credit. […]


How to plan for early retirement

By AMP financial adviser Justine Back We know women generally live longer than men, but new research shows the majority of Australian women are unlikely to work past the age of 65, making it more important than ever for them to take control of their finances early and plan appropriately for life after work. The […]


Microfinance Profile: Mary Ann Arevalo

Each time a woman completes our 6 Step Money Makeover, $10 of her program fees go toward providing a microloan for a women to start or grow her small business.  Find out more about our micro loan program, here. Mary Ann Arevalo is a Good Return borrower and has been taking out microfinance loans since 2006. […]

How to reduce your home loan

5 tips to shrink your home loan

Chopping years off your home loan should be on the to-do list for anyone with a long-term financial plan. That’s because an extra five or 10 years mortgage-free will mean you’ll be able to put more energy (and funds) into other financial goals such as building up your superannuation. While we all have to accept […]


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