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Attract positive publicity, build new client relationships and contribute to women’s financial wellbeing across Australia – and the world.

Everyday we get asked ‘do you know a good advisor/broker/solicitor/accountant?’ And it’s hard for us to say one is better than another for each woman’s specific needs. So we’re giving our community of women-ready-to-learn-and-invest a cream of the crop list of trusted advisors …and letting them decide.

The 10thousandgirl Campaign is an independent not for profit organisation that provides practical, relevant and fun financial education to women in Australia. We’ve nearly reached our goal of reaching 10,000 women, next step 100,000. They’re not on welfare, not yet millionaires. All with a desire to make financial change.

Who is it for?

We believe that providing access to a network of trusted experts is key to the success of our program. So we’ve created the L’il black book to provide the women in our community with a list of the best of the best when it comes to trusted advice. So if you consider yourself a top 100 trusted advisor. You believe you do things differently. Your clients come first. Then the opportunity to feature in the Top 100 is perfect for you.

What’s In It For You?

  • Be found – Annual subscription to our new and improved online directory of Australia’s Top 100 Trusted Advisors For Women
  • Be heard – One written, audio or video interview per year and up to six blogs and social media posts circulated through our networks
  • Build new relationships – Opportunities to build new client relationships
  • Feature – On event promotional material and as a live panelist, at physical events and online
  • Measurable business growth – Opportunity for women to register for a ‘coffee catch up’ with you
  • Be trusted – Use our ‘supporter’ banners on your email signature and website to acknowledge your support of this cause and position you as a leader in improving women’s financial wellbeing

Are You One Of Australia’s Top 100 Trusted Advisors?

Here are some of the questions we’ll ask you.

  • Are you a practicing financial planner, mortgage broker, accountant, solicitor, bank manager or coach?
  • Are you registered with your industry body?
  • Are the majority of your clients female or are you interested in building your female client base?
  • Can you provide testimonials from five happy clients (male or female)?
  • What community initiatives have you been involved in, personally or professionally?
  • Have you won any industry awards or received any media coverage?
  • Most importantly, do you believe in financial education?
  • If so, please identify which of the following financial literacy initiatives you support:
  • Write an educational blog
  • Run community educational workshops
  • Support community educational workshops
  • Other…………………………….

3 Steps We Require From You:

  1. Email to organise an interview
  2. Reference check
  3. Complete Application Form below and make contribution fee payment of:
    CITY: $1100 ($880 if you have supported 10thousandgirl in the past)
    REGIONAL: $660

Contact Details

Full name (required)

Your Email (required)



Any links to your LinkedIn, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other sites where people can get to know you.

Personal Profile Picture and Business Logo

Updated images (business logo AND personal profile - Please upload the file/s in either an .eps or .jpg format, 300dpi at 10cm or approximately 700kb – 1MB in size)

Personal Profile Picture

Business Logo

Profile Questions

(1-2 sentences) Why is women’s financial education important to you?

(1-2 sentences) Describe what you do for clients. Why and when does someone engage you?

(5 words) If you had to use five words to describe your most successful clients, what would they be?

(1-2 sentences) What is the best financial words of wisdom you’ve been given and who were they from?

(1-2 sentences) What can clients expect at their first meeting/consultation with you?

How do women contact you to organise an initial catch up?

(Provide instruction eg. Call me on … or Email me the following details… or Complete this online form…)

How to make your payment


Direct debit:
10THOUSANDGIRL CAMPAIGN (Registered Not For Profit Organisation ABN 68 149 760 609)
NAB BSB: 082187
ACC NO: 123389888
REFERENCE: First three letters of first name and first three letters of surname of the individual being listed. For example, Anita Smith would reference ANISMI


What happens now?

Once we ‘ve received your payment and registration form your profile will be posted on our new Lil Black Book of Australia’s Top 100 Trusted Advisors For Women. You’ll also be contacted by one of our team who’ll send you your welcome pack including receipt of payment and a guide to getting started.

Why do we ask for a contribution fee?

It’s twofold. 1) It proves to us you’re not just ‘sayin’ you believe in women’s financial education, and 2) 10thousandgirl is a not for profit organisation relying on partner funds to deliver education. 100% of funds contributed by the Top 100 Trusted Advisors is used to subsidise program costs for women who attend financial education programs and workshops. So you’re building your profile and your business whilst ensuring women’s financial education remains accessible and affordable.

Please contact Zoe Lamont, Program Director by email or directly on 0419 622 968 to discuss your involvement or to nominate an advisor you trust.


'At Money Mechanics we are proud to have been associated with the campaign and I would happily recommend or suggest other businesses engage in the program anyway they can.  As a business we have found this a benefit from a community engagement and promotion perspective to help build our brand awareness and spread the word about our service offering as well as be able to connect via social media channels to new potential clients. On a personal note it has also been a great way to give something back which is linked to the values of our business being financial literacy and a focus on a personal values based approach to education and empowerment and achieving financial well being! …Just checking out the new website stats. #1 referred from Google #2 from Facebook and #3 The 10thousandgirl Campaign (thanks to Zoe and the team!).'

Scott Malcolm, Money Mechanics ACT


"The 10thousandgirl campaign aligns with Omniwealth’s values of people first, passion, growth and intelligence. The workshops provide young women with the much needed mindset and skills needed to thrive both financially and in all areas of their lives. The education and messages delivered in these programs overlaps with our education on wealth creation and the girls that have joined Omniwealth as clients come onboard very well prepared for taking control of their finances. Being involved in 10,000 girl campaign has helped us spread our message of financial independence being a reality to many young and aspiring women, something which I am particularly passionate about."

Sunshine Estivo, Omniwealth NSW

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