Meet Peter Jordan

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Why is women’s financial education important to you?

Women are the cornerstone of most homes, and often the responsibility to manage the financial affairs of the home is left to her. It’s up to her to manage the limited resource that is the family income. She also often wears personal financial responsibility for her own financial security, in a world where her income may not be consistent or as high as it should be. And yet, her aspirations are just as important as the other members of the family and need to be attended to.

Describe what you do for clients. Why and when does someone engage you?

We give people the tools to build their futures, we give them a sense of accountability, that they aren’t doing it on their own. Anyone can engage the services of a financial planner, and the most successful are people who can see the value in enlisting someone to help them set things in motion. They need to accept the need for advice and they need to act on that advice.

We’re here to provide clarity, confidence, security and opportunity through our trusted and honest advice.

If you had to use five words to describe your most successful clients, what would they be?

Focused, honest, appreciative, flexible and driven.

What is the best financial words of wisdom you’ve been given and who were they from?

Rabbi Hyman Schachtel (1954) proposed that “happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have” – this has been requoted around the world over and over again.  I also like “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin and “10% of all you earn is yours to keep” – George Samuel Clason (Richest Man in Babylon).

What can clients expect at their first meeting/consultation with you?

Both our client and we need to ascertain if we are suited to each other. We need to ensure that what the client is seeking is something we can help them attain. They need to be confident they can work with us. In our first meeting, we talk about our client’s “burning issues” and then move on to examining their aspirations. We can then develop a strategy to help them achieve their aspirations and deal with the “burning issues”.

How do women contact you to organise an initial catch up?

They can call us on (07) 4078 0900, email the office on, or connect with Peter Jordan on LinkedIn


Advisor Directory

Amanda portrait small 2

Meet Amanda Pond

Financial planner, business owner, marriage saver! Nowra’s Amanda Pond believes that more than just dollars can be saved when women continue to educate themselves and put good cashflow strategies in place.


Meet Matt Meehan

Looking for an experienced planner to work with to help you work towards some real and meaningful outcomes? Meet Armidale’s Matt Meehan.


Meet Louise Jealous-Bennett

Bundaberg’s Louise Jealous-Bennett encourages women to come and talk to her before they get into a financial bind, not after.


Meet Tonia Sanderson

Why engage a financial planner? For Tonia Sanderson it’s about clients knowing their options, having a third party as a sounding board, and getting help to put in place a short or long term plan to reach a goal or solution. Tonia services clients in Ayr, Bowen and Townsville.

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Meet Peter Jordan

Our man in Innisfail, Peter Jordan, wants to help his clients build their futures, give you a sense of accountability, and the feeling that you aren’t doing it on your own. Sounds like someone you need to talk to? You can read more here.

Sue Dunne 3

Meet Sue Dunne

Rockhampton-based Sue Dunne wants to see women of all ages take more responsibility for their own finances…because the chances are that they are the ones that are going to have to manage it all down the track. Sue thinks it can be personally rewarding to set and achieve financial goals.

Katherine Vincent

Meet Katherine Vincent

Needing some advice on succession planning, asset protection, business and corporate structuring (including trusts), advice on employment matters, wills and estate planning and also estate administration? Then do we have the woman for you! Come and meet Clare-based lawyer, Katherine Vincent.

Melinda Leculier

Meet Melinda Leculier

If you want to get ahead in life then you need to start mapping out how you are going to get there and what steps you can take to achieve this. The sooner you do this the faster you are going to get there. Wise words from Narrabri based planner, Melinda Leculier.

work picture

Meet Kristen Ham

She’s originally a Sydney girl who now calls Rockhampton home. Kristen Ham services clients in Capricornia, Gladstone, Biloela and Central Highlands and works with clients at all stages of life.


Meet Triona Ambrose

Port Lincoln’s Triona Ambrose believes that women in control of their finances have more freedom in all areas of their lives. And who doesn’t want that?! Read more about how Triona can get you on the path to freedom.

Sabina Lawrence

Meet Sabina Lawrence

“Believing in yourself and having a positive money mindset is the first step in creating strong financial foundations.” Mmmm..probably something we could all remind ourselves of at times. Read more from our money mindset expert, Sabina Lawrence.

Lisa Farnell Geraldton Financial Solutions

Meet Lisa Farnell

It’s as straight forward as you can get with Geraldton’s Lisa Farnell; her goal is to help you get a grip on your finances, so you can experience the relief of having your money sorted!

Fisher Financial Group

Meet Shelley Fisher

She’s a farmer’s daughter, a mum of three, and a financial planner in business with her husband, Murray. Come and meet our woman in Narrogin, WA, Shelley Fisher.

Greg McQueen 2

Meet Greg McQueen

Esperance’s Greg McQueen has a simple work philosophy: he helps people grow and safeguard their money.

Erin Gourley

Meet Erin Gourlay

She does what she loves doing AND she gets to live in Tasmania! Life is good for our gal in Hobart, Erin.

Bernadette McKenzie, Belmores - Copy2

Meet Bernadette McKenzie

Helping businesses and individuals to grow and develop is the goal of Yarrawonga-based accountant Bernadette McKenzie.

Sandy Hopps Image 2

Meet Sandy Hopps

Who do we know in Toowoomba, you ask? Someone who can help you on your personal finance journey? Come meet Sandy Hopps.


Meet Gianna Salvestro

Meet Gianna Salvestro, our newest Canberra based financial planner. She’s got the qualifications, the experience and the passion to help women work towards their financial dreams.

Justine Back

Meet Justine Back

The ethos of Young-based planner Justine Back? Education = empowerment = knowledge = financial freedom = happiness!

Casey Kropman 2

Meet Casey Kropman

Looking for a planner to listen, help clear your mind and work towards a solution? Then come and say hi to Gisborne-based financial planner Casey Kropman.

Rhiannon Robinson

Meet Rhiannon Robinson

Rhiannon believes that financial planning is more than the numbers on the page, it has to fit with the practicalities of everyday life.


Meet Tracey Sofra

Shepparton native Tracey Sofra views her role as a coach and mentor, guiding her clients to reach their financial goals.

Catherine Chalker photo

Meet Catherine Chalker

Finding the balance is the philosophy of Wagga-based Catherine Chalker: it is important to plan for your future security, but not solely to the detriment of your current life.

Monica Maguire

Meet Monica Maguire

“Confidence, knowledge and understanding” is what Orange and Cowra based planner Monica Maguire hopes to instill in her clients.

Tall Group

Meet Christine Swanson

Christine’s Grandmother told her to find a job she was passionate about and she’d never work a day in her life. Meet a financial planner who loves what she does and gets great satisfaction from helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Cameron Stevens Photo Mandala Financial Services (1)

Meet Cameron Stevens

Melbourne based financial advisor Cameron finds joy in helping others learn and develop their money management skills.

NicoleHeales Final

Meet Nicole Heales

Meet Nicole Heales, a down to earth Melbourne based financial advisor. Nicole focusses on women and understands you want to be able to live your life, have fun – AND be financially set up for the future.


Meet Jacqueline Wharton

Divorce is a painful experience for many people; divorce expert Jacqueline provides negotiation and communication advice, options and support in an empathetic but practical manner.


Meet Michael Slater

Michael believes that one of the most important things is understanding his client’s plans and goals before working out a structure that suits them best. He has been a Mortgage Broker in the ACT and Riverina area for over 10 years.

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Meet Paul Birch

Paul Birch is a rare find in the financial planning industry. Having sold a financial planning business focusing on retired folk, he now runs a firm focussed on financially empowering those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Quietly spoken and a good listener.

Untitled design-10

Meet Nicole Cannon

Meet Nicole, a mortgage broker with a difference having won awards for ethics, social responsibility and community engagement. Nicole will research her 30+ lenders on her panel to find the most suitable solution for your individual needs.

Updated Scott Malcolm

Meet Scott Malcolm

Based in our nations capital, Scott is a down-to-earth, caring guy you can have a laugh and enjoy a beer with – oh and he’s super smart when it comes to financial planning too.

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Meet Neelan

Meet Neelan Sornalingam, a Financial Strategist and Lifestyle Adviser based in Sydney. Known to his clients as their secret weapon and ‘financial philosopher’, Neelan knows there’s more to life than money…


"Each time a woman changes, she inspires another woman to change..."

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