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From humble beginnings, the 10thousandgirl programs have now reached over 10,000 women. I know that was the goal we were working towards but some days I can still hardly believe it.

As I hand over the reins as 10thousandgirl’s CEO this year, I feel buoyed by the International Women’s Day theme for 2017 #BeBoldForChange and excited about 10thousandgirl’s next phase, as well as my own.

A key lesson I’ve learnt over the last few years is to BE BOLD and BE SPECIFIC.

When we decided on the name ‘10thousandgirl Campaign’, reaching 10,000 women with our pub-born idea and grassroots program seemed a pipe dream. Now it’s a reality.

Personally too, reading over my (50 year… yes I’m a planning freak!) life plan that I wrote in November 2010, it’s hard to fathom how things can play out so accurately. One goal that rocks my boat was writing the date I planned to have my first and second child. At the time of writing these goals I hadn’t even met my husband yet! Sure enough, my first child arrived on the said date, and I’m expecting my second in April this year, right on cue.

But of course goals don’t just happen because we set a date. I decided one day it was time to find a husband but it wasn’t just about writing it down. I gave myself three months and told every friend I was on the look out for a good quality man. I said yes to every social event, went on every (good and bad..) date that was offered, signed up to a couple of dating apps. And sure enough, my goal setting and action taking paid off. I met the man who is now my husband in that third month (and for background, I hadn’t even swung hands with a boy in the two years prior, so really was starting with a blank canvas…).

Same thing happened with our investment properties and with moving back to the country. Dreams were made, dates were set, actions were taken and even if at the time I had no idea how each goal was going to happen, with some focus they just did. You never know when you’re going to receive a phone call, meet someone who makes a pivotal introduction, read an article that uncovers your next clue or idea, meet someone who wants to help you…

But it’s not that easy you say, life throws us challenges, mistakes are made. My husband was made redundant when Freddie was two weeks old, changing our course, our location, our focus over the last two years. We’ve ended up moving, borrowing more money and buying a business and in hindsight now wish we hadn’t bought an earlier investment, but we’ve found a way and with the right advice we’re paving this next path. After this then having a sick child in and out of hospital last year, my life came to a halt. I dropped the ball on so many things, including 10thousandgirl’s management and reporting and even nearly lost our charity status. All I felt like doing by the end of last year is pushing life under the carpet and literally going into hiding but like anything – we need to show up in our own lives. After all – who else will. So I wrote a big list of all the things in my life I’d let fall off the radar, and made myself methodically work through it. It’s good to know that even when you slip off your path, life is forgiving and you always have the choice to take the lessons and climb back up again – and each time we clamber back we’re given the opportunity to do it smarter.

After experimenting in my own life and running planning sessions with literally 1000’s of women, I know with every cell of my body and can look anyone in the eye and say DREAMS COME TRUE. So how are you planning to #BeBoldForChange this IWD17?

How will you change the world? How will you add a little more magic into your life? Who will you meet? Where will you go? Who will you surround yourself with to make sure your dreams happen?

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We look forward to hearing about your dreams coming to life…



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